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Board Meeting Agenda: January 29, 2016

Brighton Legacy Foundation
Yearly Planning Session
January 29, 2016 11:30-2:00

This meeting will be held at Historic City Hall in the Heritage Room.

Ann will be providing lunch (Yvette will provide a salad or dessert and Joan will bring drinks). Please, let us know if you cannot attend.

  1. Call to Order
  2. Minutes from December
  3. Financial Report
  4. Funding request–Brighton Bulls baseball team. A representative from the team will be presenting at 11:45
  5. Continuing Business
    1. Presentations with big check and picture for our website and Facebook page and to send to the newspaper.
      1. Who wants to do which non-profit? We won’t plan on doing all of them.
  6. Planning for 2016
    1. Election of Officers
      1. Chair- Yvette Martinez
      2. Vice Chair- ???
      3. Secretary- Kerrie, do you want to continue?
      4. Treasurer- Magi, sorry, you are stuck FOREVER!
      5. Do we want to consider a publicity officer?
    2. Policies and Procedures- Are there any revisions that we need to make?
    3. Fundraisers
      1. Sponsorships
        1. Bookkeeping of these funds
        2. Goal- for everyone to gain the sponsorship of one business by March meeting
    4. Guidelines for our fundraisers
      1. Planning document
        1. Committee members
        2. Timeline
        3. Budget
        4. Advertising strategies
      2. Anything else?
    5. Ideas for fundraisers
      1. Do we want to continue
        1. Disc golf- tentative date of June 11 at Benedict
        2. Poker run
        3. Ghost run
      2. New fundraising ideas
        1. Footgolf
        2. ???
    6. Scholarships
      1. Do we need to revise our process?
      2. Do we still want high school and continuing education?
      3. For the high schools
        1. Forms will be in the schools by the end of February.
        2. Deadline for applications- April 29
      4. For the continuing education we would have a June deadline.
        1. Our publicity
          1. Website ok? Have you given Amanda your bio and picture?
          2. Facebook ok?
          3. Pamphlet/brochure- This would help with sponsorships.
    7. Anything Else?
  7. Our next meeting will be February 25 at 11:30 same place.

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