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Board Meeting Minutes: August 13, 2014

Members Present: Joan Kniss, Wilma Rose, Karah Reygers, Janon Swink, Kerri Navarro, Ann Tedesco, Lloyd Worth, Melissa Rippy, Carol Hodges

I.  Call to Order

II.  Agenda approved

III.  July minutes approved

IV.  Presentation of Financial Report, approved

V.  Special Presentations

  • Scholarship check presented to a continuing education student. She is very grateful. Two scholarships granted. The other recipient couldn’t join today – check will be sent via mail.
  • The Cultural Arts Commission explained the Arts Master Plan to the Board.

VI.  Continuing Business

  • The website will be ready for review soon. Joan will keep us posted. She has also been maintaining our FB page with frequent posts. Keep sharing and “liking”!
  • Predator A.W.A.R.E Grant Request
    • Discussion
    • Motion on floor to offer $500; 2nd provided; approved. Board also would like to volunteer on day of event. It was suggested that the dollars granted be used for food/refreshments for the children and families.
  • Historic Tour Update
    • Plans are nearly finalized. Cost is $25 per person or $40 for two. Postcard and tickets are ready for use in selling. The Chamber will serve as one location where people can purchase them. Each Board member is expected to sell at least 5. Guests can purchase tickets the night of the event.
    • Board members will be located at each stop to help guide visitors and welcome groups.
  • Cookbook update and Market Days
    • Cookbook still under production. Hopefully ready before long.
    • We decided to participate in Market Days. Shifts assigned. We’ll sell Historic Tour tickets and promote BLF.
  • Friends of the Foundation – tabled until next month’s meeting
  • Contracts – Wilma will clarify with City groups about charging a 3% fee to use BLF as their operating nonprofit.

VII.  New Business

  • Additional Fund Raising Ideas – tabled until next month.
  • Grants
  • Deadline for applications – October 31
  • We’ll decide next month the interview process/requirement, especially for new applicants.

Lunch provided next month by: Kerri and Janon

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