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Board Meeting Minutes: December 10, 2014

In Attendance: Janon, Joan, Karah, Lloyd, Melissa, Kerri, Yvette, Aryn

I.  Approval of Minutes

  • The minutes were approved by Lloyd and Yvette seconded the motion.

II.  Financial Report

  • Janon read the financial report. The Foundation yielded approximately $750.42 from the historic store. We will have the final number at the January meeting.

III.  Other items

  • The members shared feedback from the grantees.
  • The board decided we were not going to invite anyone new to join the board in the near future.
  • Joan is currently bidding out the printing costs for the cookbook. 50 copies will be ordered.
  • We also discussed the website.

New business

  • In January’s meeting we will discuss 2015 fund raisers
  • Aryn, Joan, and Yvette’s terms are up. They will need to reapply and the board will vote during January’s meeting.

Motion to adjourn was made at 12:30 PM and was passed unanimously.

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