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Board Meeting Minutes: February 11, 2015

Present: Yvette Martinez, Wilma Rose, Kerri Navarro, Lloyd Worth, Erica Hageman, Melissa Rippy, Ann Taddeo, Aryn Lallas, Juan Luna and Joan Kniss.

  1. All current board members, Joan, Yvette, Janon and Kerri, were re-elected to their positions. Yvette mentioned that next year should would be interested in being the chairman for the Foundation.
  2. Melissa Rippy was asked to review the insurance policy. She suggested having a blanket policy for the upcoming events. She is contacting an insurance agency that specializes in non-profit insurance policies. She is gathering a quote for the March’s meeting for the board’s review.
  3. Bi-law review. The board read through the bi-laws and decided to make revisions on the following topics.
    1. Acceptance policy for new members.
    2. Friends of the board. If the board becomes full with 15 members, new members will be chosen from this group.
    3. The policy on how many meetings a board member can miss before they are terminated.
    4. The Secretary position has several duties that are going to be omitted or delegated to other positions.
  4. The Brighton Legacy Foundation website is up and running.
  5. The board has received several contracts from our funding recipients.
  6. Disc Golf Tournament
    1. Wilma has been working with Camden on the date for the Disc Golf Tournament.
    2. June 13, 2015 was decided on to be the date of the Tournament.
    3. Wilma is contacting the parks department to see if the course is available.
    4. Food was mentioned, but will be discussed further in March’s meeting.
  7. Minutes from January meeting were approved.
  8. Treasurer’s Report- Joan reported that we have $12,693 in our outside agency fund; $783 in our youth account; $13,000 in scholarships; $600 in cookbook; $4300 in Administrative and $1315 in marketing.
    1. Joan discussed making adjustment to the youth funding policy.
    2. Cookbooks-
      1. There is $600 in the cookbook fund. The printing costs are $597.
      2. The cost of the cookbooks was discussed. Amounts from $5-$25 were mentioned.
      3. There is $110 in public contributions.
  9. Joan is going to check with Janon on moving the meetings to either the 1st or the 3rd Wednesday of the month
  10. March’s meeting will have lunch supplied by Erica Hageman.

Respectfully submitted by Kerri Navarro

Additional notes after Kerri left:

  1. It was decided that we would offer a total of $8000 in scholarships. Juan, Melissa, and Lloyd volunteered to be on a committee to propose scholarship categories.
  2. At our March meeting we will decide whether to move money from Scholarships to Youth Funding.
  3. Joan will draft a policy for youth funding that will have its first reading at the March meeting.
  4. Joan will draft a new member policy for discussion at our March meeting.

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