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Board Meeting Minutes: February 5, 2014

Members present: Yvette, Wilma, Joan, Carol, Sonda, Karah, Janon and Juan

I.  Call to order

II.  Agenda approved

III.  January minutes approved

IV.  Reviewed financial report

V.  Continuing business

  1. Reviewed foundation documents
  2. Reports from subcommittees
    – Cookbook – Wilma discussed requesting donations v. selling
    – Disc golf – Wilma motioned $1500 budget & Janon seconded, passed
    – Kickball – Juan updated, dates discussed
    – Historic Bike Tour – Yvette updated
  3. Scholarships
    Discussed requirements for graduating seniors and continuing ed requirements
    $3000 for seniors – Yvette motioned & Carol seconded, passed
    Joan to work on draft for continuing ed scholarships

VI.  Reviewed lunch schedule

VII.  Special reports

  1. Wilma attended Non-profit council for January
    Reminder of money owing for Kami’s gift and tee-shirts

VIII.  New business

  1. Request for funding from Brighton Bandits Baseball
    $75/child Max $750 for team
    So motioned Juan, Sonda seconded, passed

IX.  Thank-you to Wilma

Juan motioned to adjourn, Yvette seconded, meeting adjourned.

Next meeting will be on March 5, 2014.

Minutes provided by Sonda Donley

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