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Board Meeting Minutes: January 14, 2015

Present: Yvette Martinez, Wilma Rose, Janon Swink, Lloyd Worth, Erica Hageman, Melissa Rippy, Ann Taddeo, Aryn Lallas. Carol Hodges was also present.

  1. Fundraising ideas-
    1. Directors suggested several ideas, and the group narrowed down to four on which we will focus: Disc golf, Historic Ghost Tour, Poker Run, and Run/Walk. In addition, we did talk about planning a garden tour for 2016 and an Incredibly Amazing Race. Dates for the four major events will be determined in March.
    2. Sponsorships- We need to begin contacting potential event sponsors. This topic will be a major agenda item in March.
  2. Cookbooks- Carol passed around a draft, and she continues to proofread. The books will be printed in February.
  3. Carol and Karah were thanked for their service and dedication to the Foundation and were given gift cards.
  4. Grant funding
    1. Janon explained the process for dispersing the funds either via an electronic transfer or she could write a check.
    2. Everyone was encouraged to take pictures of the presentations, and thanks to Melissa we have the BIG check.
    3. A reminder that this year contracts need to be signed by the grantees.
  5. Minutes from December meeting were approved.
  6. Treasurer’s Report- Janon reported that we have $4,800 in our outside agency fund; $783 in our youth account; $13,000 in scholarships; $600 in cookbook
  7. Scholarships
    1. We will be giving $3000 to high school seniors and $1000 for our continuing education scholarship.
    2. The applications will go out the end of February.
  8. Wilma and Lloyd discussed their participation in the Board of Education’s recent Linkage meeting. They felt the Foundation received a lot of good publicity because most of the attendees were not aware of the Foundation.
  9. Aryn, Yvette, and Joan were reappointed to the Board.
  10. A suggestion was made to spotlight one of the non-profits each month on our Facebook page and website. Joan will begin this in February once all the check presentations have been posted.
  11. For our February meeting which will be our official “Yearly Meeting,” we decided to review our By-Laws so everyone is familiar with them. We will also have an election for officers.

Respectfully submitted by Joan Kniss

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