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Board Meeting Minutes: January 29, 2016

In attendance
Brighton Youth Commission: Rodney Knodel, Board Members: Melissa Rippy, Kerri Navarro, Lloyd Worth, Magi McEntire, Janon Swink, Erica Hageman, Ann Taddeo, Wilma Rose, Yvette Martinez and Joan Kniss.

  1. Call to order by Joan Kniss.
  2. No minutes for December’s meeting
  3. Coach Gene Tschida of the Brighton Bulls spoke to the Board. He coaches a local baseball team that consists of 12 year old boys. He is raising money to take his team to Cooperstown, NY to represent Brighton, CO.
    1. They need $12k to get the boys to go to the tournament.
    2. There will be 106 teams participating in this tournament across the nation.
    3. Currently, they have raised $8k.
    4. They are requesting $750.
    5. Melissa Rippy made a motion to grant this organization $750 to help send this team to Cooperstown. Ann Taddeo seconded this motion. Everyone was in favor and accepted.
    6. In recognition for this donation, the BLF logo will be on their banner in the parade in Cooperstown and at all of their games.
  4. Treasurer’s report- Magi McEntire.
    1. We have written checks for 2015 funding for all parties except for the three we are missing contracts for.
    2. Wells Fargo said they recommend we switch to a business choice checking account.
    3. We need to keep a minimum of $7500 in the account.
    4. We cannot deposit more than $7500 in cash per month.
    5. We must have less than 200 transactions per year.
    6. Kerri made a motion to switch to a business choice account at Wells Fargo. Erica seconded. All approved.
  5. Policies and Procedures
    1. Melissa Rippy suggested we review the conflict of interest forms. Joan is going to update this.
    2. Joan Kniss brought up City groups. She would like a clean policy so they must prove they have matching funds.
    3. Wilma didn’t feel like our money is best served when a department is able to fulfill this need.
  6. Funding checks deliveries
    1. Lloyd: Almost Home
    2. Magi: Friends at Bar Lake.
    3. Kerri: St. Augustine
      1. Kerri is also following up with the status of their contract.
    4. Wilma: Pennock
    5. Yvette: Bird Conservatory
    6. Rodney: Brighton Youth Commission
    7. Melissa: SDA- 7th Day Adven.
    8. The large dry erase check will be kept at Melissa Rippy All State Agency office.
    9. Please send photo to Joan after you present checks.
    10. First checks have been sent, June 1, 2016 will be when the 2nd checks will be sent.
  7. Election of Officers
    1. Kerri will remain the Secretary and Magi will remain the Treasurer.
    2. Melissa Rippy made a motion to elect Yvette Martinez as the Chair of the BLF. Wilma seconded. All accepted.
    3. Erica Hageman made the motion to elect Wilma Rose as Vice Chair, Melissa seconded and all approved.
    4. A motion was made for Kerri Navarro to continue in her role as the Secretary and Magi McEntire to continue her role as Treasurer. Wilma seconded and all approved.
    5. A big thank you was given to Joan Kniss for her dedication and hard work as the Chair of the board this past year.
  8. Policies and Procedure
    1. Joan recommended we revisit City organization related funding.
    2. Melissa recommended we revise the conflict of interest of all board members.
    3. Joan recommends we put in our Policies and Procedures that we do not fund capital expenditures. She plans on making a motion regarding this in February’s meeting.
    4. Wilma will speak to our attorneys for clarification on funding uniforms.
  9. 2016 Fundraisers
    1. Joan recommended we keep all sponsorship money together for all events.
    2. Erica suggested creating a planning document. Joan is going to create this document and have ready for February’s meeting.
    3. Ann Taddeo volunteered to lead the Poker Run for this year.
    4. Melissa Rippy volunteered to the lead the Ghost Run.
    5. Joan said that Benedict Park was reserved for June 11th for the Disc Golf tournament.
    6. Discussion was had about the levels and exposure of sponsors.
    7. Erica suggestion the next meeting everyone who wants to head a fundraiser will complete this planning form. She also wants to head the kickball tournament. Tentative date is May.
    8. Poker run is tentative set for July.
    9. Disc Golf will be ran by Joan and Juan
    10. Melissa suggested a host a car show. Open the show up to all cars and motorcycles.
    11. Janon suggested having the car show at the end of the poker run.
    12. Joan suggested a foot golf tournament.
    13. Wilma suggested a garden tour and Joan suggested entering this in Brighton’s big/little idea contest.
  10. Publicity
    1. Ensure all board members have in their bio and headshot.
    2. Joan is going to continue updating our Facebook account.
    3. Magi volunteered to meet monthly with the non-profit console.
  11. Motion to adjourn by Kerri, Joan seconded. All approved.
    1. Meeting adjourned.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, February 25, 2016 at Historic City Hall Heritage Room at 11:30 a.m. Yvette will provide lunch

Respectfully submitted by Kerri Navarro, Secretary

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