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Board Meeting Minutes: January 3, 2014

Members present: Yvette, Wilma, Joan, Carol, Sonda, Karah, Juan and Aryn

I.  New Business

  1. Mission Statement – No change
  2. Articles of Incorporation – No change
  3. By-laws
    added 2.2 Youth Commission
    added 2.4 ages from 21 to 18
  4. Policy Funding for Outside Agencies – change to include religious organizations
    Conflict of interest
  5. Election of officers: Joan President, Yvette Vice President, Janon Treasurer, Sonda Secretary
    Motion to accept – Juan
    2nd – Joan
    Motion to affirm – Juan
    2nd – Carol
  6. Joan took over presiding
    Thanks to Wilma
    Review of the year
    Financing – Janon to go over at next meeting
    Successes – Kickball, helping at projects, Disc Golf, stable board
    Improvements – increase publicity and public awareness, finish website, recruit volunteers “Friends of the Foundation”
  7. Goals
    Projects – planning committees (dates & prelim budget)
    – Cookbook – Wilma, Yvette, Carol meeting with Kami
    – Disc Golf – Karah, Sonda, Wilma to work with Camdyn
    – Kickball – Juan, Yvette, Joan
    Other Opportunities
    – Walking/bike tour – historic tour Carol, Aryn, Yvette
    – Group tree decorating/scavenger hunt
  8. Board member prospects
    More men
    Youth commission

II.  Next meeting

  1. Finalize scholarship apps
  2. Website

III.  Yvette move to adjorn, Aryn second, meeting adjourned

Next meeting will be on February 5, 2014.

Minutes provided by Sonda Donley

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