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Board Meeting Minutes: October 8, 2014

In Attendance: Janon, Joan, Karah, Lloyd, Anne, Melissa, Kerri, Yvette, Aryn and Carol

I.  Approval of Minutes

  • The minutes were not created from September’s meeting due to a change in the Secretary position. Joan will create.

II.  Financial Report

  • Janon read the financial report. The City of Brighton will donate $85k to the Brighton Legacy Foundation; $5k of which will go to administrative costs. Janon proposed a motion to $800 from our Administrative account to our Marketing Account. Yvette amended this motion and moved to transfer $1245.00 instead. Lloyd seconded this motion and all approved.

III.  Historic Tour

  • The feedback from the historic tour was unanimously positive. Thank you notes are in the process of being completed. Improvements for the event going forward is better press attention, press releases, name tags for board member and a bigger planning committee.

IV.  Fundraising ideas

  • Yvette suggested to partner with downtown businesses on a historical calendar.
  • Karah proposed something that did not expire such as a postcard.
  • Carol suggested a deck of cards
  • Anne suggested a bike run for 2015.

V.  Friends of the Foundation

  • Carol created a spreadsheet with over 50 Friends of the Foundation. She also created a program for different levels of sponsorship in a previous meeting.

VI.  Grant Application Review

  • During our November 12th meeting, the board will review our grant applications. Any new and one-time requests will be reviewed. Joan will create a questionnaire for the applicants.

VII.  Cookbooks

  • We are awaiting the final proof on the cookbook.

VIII.  Predator Awareness Event

  • Lloyd and Melissa were congratulated on a very successful event. They thanked the Foundation for their support with food for their volunteers.

IX.  Carol Hodges

  • Sadly, Carol Hodges turned in her resignation to the Board. She will be greatly missed.

X.  Lunch for the November meeting

  • Lunch for the November meeting will be provided by Karah, Joan and Yvette.

XI.  Holiday luncheon

  • Our December 10th meeting will be a special holiday luncheon at Solaire Apartments. The address is 1287 South 8th Avenue.

XII.  Other business

  • Rippy Insurance is currently hosting a healthy food drive. Up to 10 organizations are participating in the event.
  • November 1st, Rippy Insurance will be hosting their one year anniversary party. It will be from 3:00-6:00 PM at their office.
  • On Thursday, October 9th, Solaire Apartments will be partnering with Chic-fil-a. If you go to Chic-fil-a on the 9th, say you are with Solaire and they will donate 20% of your proceeds to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.
  • On Saturday, November 15th, the Harvest Festival will be in downtown Brighton from 12:00 – 4:00 PM.

Motion to adjourn was made at 12:30 PM and was passed unanimously.

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