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Board Meeting Minutes: September 18, 2015

In attendance:

  • Brighton Youth Commission: Rodney Knodel,
  • Board Members: Melissa Rippy, Kerri Navarro, Lloyd Worth, Magi McEntire, Janon Swink and Joan Kniss.

Special guests: Kelly Eckoff (accountant) and Julie Stewart.

  • Continuing Business
    1. Website- Please give Amanda your bio and picture if you haven’t already.
    2. Fundraisers
      1. Poker Run- A $50 donation was given to the board by Dr. Fiedler who wanted to participate but could not attend.
      2. Ghost Run- October 24 at Barr Lake; registration begins at 9:00
        1. Amanda made a banner that will be put at the entrance of Barr Lake.
        2. Melissa wants to get donated pumpkins and sell them during the event.
        3. Raptor the Eagle will be present.
        4. No dogs are permitted.
        5. Melissa showed the t-shirt and bag design.
        6. Fink Ink is giving a discount. And the cut off is 11/15.
        7. Adult participants will receive a t-shirt, children will receive a bag.
        8. Melissa needs a payment for the deposit and application fee.
        9. Melissa has the event on a runner’s website.
        10. Race bibs? Safety pins?
        11. Brighton Youth will be present at the event.
        12. Barr Lake volunteers will be present.
        13. Kerri suggested ordering children’s medals. Melissa is ordering them.
        14. Joan spoke not about having booths at the event.
        15. If local businesses want to put their stuff into the swag bags, they need to pay $100.
        16. Julie made several copies of the flyer for everyone to distribute.
        17. Joan and Rodney are taking care of games on the course.
        18. Race day set up. Melissa is working on mile markers.
        19. All helpers must be there by 8:00 AM.
        20. Melissa is ordering 100 t-shirts and 50 kid bags and 50 general bags.
        21. Subcommittee will have a meeting prior to event.
  • Magi would like to make a motion to use a portable scanner for Paypal to be used for future events.
    1. Melissa made a motion to purchase the Paypal scanner. Rodney seconded the motion. All approved.
  • Introduction of board members and guests.
  • Call to order
  • Correction to August minutes
    1. Lloyd had a spelling correction for meeting to be “adjourned”.
    2. Julie Stewart’s name was misspelled.
  • Approval of August minutes
  • Treasurer’s report
    1. Welcome Kelly Eckoff, BLF’s accountant
    2. Financial report- funds are at a lower than average level due to
      1. Sister City’s money has been withdrawn.
      2. The Foundation funding more than $80k to outside agency.
      3. Funded more to scholarships.
    3. Current balance is approximately $25,000.
  • New post office box- P.O. Box 613, Brighton 80601
  • New Business
    1. November date for grant review- will take probably 3 hours
    2. Lunch for our next meeting October will be provided by Julie. Meeting will be October 16th.
  • Meeting adjourned.

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